EC - 40's, EC - 50's, EC - 70's and EC - 80's

EC-40 EXTREME Coolers EC-50 EXTREME Cooler EC-70 EXTREME Cooler
EC-40 (24"W x 18 1/2"T)
EC-50 (22 1/2"T x 18"W)
(All three are only 2 5/8" thick!)
EC-70 (21 1/2"W x 19 1/2"T)

EC 80 Extreme Coolers

EC-80 (26"W x 20"T x 2/58" Thick) - For Muscle Cars, Cross Flows, etc. !!!


Designed specifically for street rods, WE ARE NOW "one" of only "four" proud makers of some of these fan/shroud combinations and the only other new one manufacturing all four of "the most
sought-after four fan/shroud combinations" in the country!!!
We join with our predecessor and the other two new competitors on the market in granting you a fan/shroud satisfaction guarantee!


Unlike our predecessor who previously dominated the market, however, we now have added a beautifully designed, very sturdy "laser-cut" one piece steel, (semi-gloss) powder-coated bracket, which also allows not only free-flowing, un-restricted circulation of air, but a "hidden wire" feature as well-unlike all three of the other competitors. Although the "displayed" side of the EC-50 (as only our oldest predecessor and us have done) features rubber flaps on this vertical-flow fan/shroud, along with "hairicell" high-temp, high-impact ABS plastic on all four, we have added routed edging all the way around (exception:EC-80's), which affords a more blendable, molded look flowing into all edging of your radiator, rather than just "cut straight" edging! Though we feature an expensive fan-motor bracket system, our prices are competitive. All our fan/shroud combinations are to be used as "Pullers" only (to mount in BACK of your radiator).


These dynamite, 17" two-speed, "nine-lives" brushless motor fans are most definitely used by our
country's most famous car builders, such as Barry Lobeck, Chuck Lumbardo and a host of others. Why?

These fans are pure power!!!

EC-40 EXTREME Cooler

(24"W x 18 1/2"T x 2 5/8" Thick)

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EC-50 EXTREME Cooler

(22 1/2"T x 18"W x 2 5/8" Thick)
With Built-in AIR FLAPS

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EC 70 Extreme Coolers

(21 1/2" W x 19 1/2"T x 2 5/8" Thick)

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EC 80 Extreme Coolers

(26"W x 20" Tall x 2 5/8" Thick)

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